These speakers have contributed their slides for downloading - thank you!

Abhinav Upadhyay: Automated Learning from Manpages [HTML]
Antoine Jacoutot: OpenBSD rc.d(8) [PDF]
Arun Thomas: DTrace Internals - Digging into DTrace [HTML]
Bernard Spil: State Of LibreSSL (and OpenSSL) in FreeBSD [PDF]
Brooks Davis: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hello World [PDF]
Dan Langille: Talos - Why they use Open Source to fight threats [PDF]
Dominic Fandrey: Proposing a Replacement for FreeBSD™'s powerd [PDF]
Emmanuel Vadot: FreeBSD 11 on Allwinner ARM Boards [PDF]
George Neville-Neil: Looking Backwards - The Coming Decade of BSD [PDF]
Gareth Llewellyn: Dropping in 80Gbits of Stateful Firewalling with OpenBSD [PDF]
Gert Doering: DDoS, Internet Self-Regulation, and the consequences [PDF]
Ingo Schwarze: Keep multibyte character support simple [PDF]
Jörg Sonnenberger: Bulk Building in the Many Core Era [ZIP]
Landry Breuil: Building Packages on Exotic Archs [ZIP]
Li-Wen Hsu: Continuous Integration of The FreeBSD Project [PDF]
Marc Espie: Retrofitting Privilege Separation into dpb and pkg_add [PDF]
Martin Pieuchot: Embracing the BSD Routing Table [PDF]
Nanako Momiyama: Towards Fast IP Forwarding [PDF]
Peter Hessler: Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) in OpenBSD [PDF]
Philipp Buehler: Splendid Multi-tenancy Firewalls with pf+rdomains [PDF]
Ryota Ozaki & Kengo Nakahara: Toward MP-safe Networking in NetBSD [PDF]
Sevan Janiyan: Synchronizing Code Amongst the BSDs [PDF]
Stefan Sperling: OpenBSD Meets 802-11n [PDF]
William Dobbins & Philip Nelson: NetBSD Subfiles [PDF]